Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Today in my teenage angst, I gratuitously post a picture of myself. Well more so, my hair.

Hello Giggles is my best friend. Not only do they post relevant, hilarious and brilliantly written articles, they have easy/attainable DIYs that less than handy people like myself can perform with ease.

I present to you the Bow Bun. I did this even without a mirror. How's that, you ask? I'm just that good. Just kidding. I've already noted that I'm less than handy. This instead, happens to be just that easy. So I took a picture and Warhol'd it on picmonkey (blessedly taking the place of picnik) because I'm awesome.

I like my hair to be a little messy. I don't have a lot of it and seriously, though inexplicably, feel that when it's messy, I have more hair. Either way, this worked exactly as I thought it would not. It's a winner. I think it will be my birthday hair.

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