Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Today in my teenage angst, me and Ghandi are the same. This is mostly a joke, but also entirely serious.

The other day I took an online quiz to find out where I sit on the 'political compass.' This shows you if you're more authoritarian or libertarian, more left wing or right wing. See that red dot with Ghandi's name by it? That's almost exactly where I sit.
I like knowing this, because politics as a field has a really broad scope. And it's hard to pinpoint where you sit on every issue. And even if you know where you stand on a lot of issues, it's hard to know what those add up to. Plus, I really like politics and understanding policy and having an idea of how I would set up policy if I was in charge. Which I likely never will be and we should all likely be grateful for that.

Wanna find out if you sit with Stalin or Hitler? Click through.

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