Saturday, March 13, 2010

Gay rights.

Hey. My name is Hannah and I’m straight. I’m also a Christian.  

I saw this picture today, on Facebook, and cried. I thought that hatred of homosexuals among Christians was a thing of the past. I thought we had gotten over our arrogance and decided that the awkward avoidance approach was more effective.  But then this happened.  I’m from Canada and am clearly not aware of a lot that goes on in the Christian communities down in the states, but I truly did think we were past this.

I don’t want to preach a relativist theology but I can’t seem to understand what gives us the right to condemn the lives and sin of others in comparison to our own. I’m not saying that the Bible speaks for homosexuality. In fact it speaks against it.  This however does not present the right to slap the faces of those who stand in the midst of it.

The verse written on that picket board states that God hates those who do wrong. Simple reason would indicate that the man holding the board is therefore included in that statement.  

There are those who love their money more than their own families. Jesus commands against that too. The national view of marriage and divorce is synonymous with a department store exchange. Jesus commands against that too. Most of the population walk by the homeless every day and fail to care whatever that those people don’t have a tenth of what they do. Jesus commands against that too. 

But we don’t stand on street corners screaming damnation for them; do we? Sin is sin.

I’m not arguing for the negation of the commands of Christ. I am however arguing for love. I am arguing for the one thing that Jesus commanded of us above all else; that we care about him and that we care about those who surround us.

If we can’t do that, we cannot follow him.   


Rachel said...

Hannah...I totally agree with you on this whole matter. I do not think it is fair that we treat these people like crap. Jesus was a friend of sinners and we need to shine that light that is within us that He has given to us. It is SO unfortunate that people in this world judge the gays and homeless and could care less about what they struggle with. I feel disgusted that there are Christians out there that do not care about loving these people like Jesus would and does. He does not like the way they live their lives, but this does not mean that he hates them. Thank you for writing on this...we need to make people aware of this more often.


elena (a.k.a. suzy) said...

how strange that you posted this when you did. i've been having this discussion with EVERYONE this week.