Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spa Sense.

Today in my teenage angst, I went for a manicure. 
Before you think me lacking in good sense, it was for my mother's birthday.

The overall experience taught me three things.  
a) Spa treatments are an unnecessary luxury that should be avoided on all occasions, save my mother's birthday.
b) Short nails with dark polish are very in.  Thus, I am in. 
c) I should never let anyone touch my arm hair. The lady messed it all up and didn't smooth it down again, sending me into a small panic.  

All this to say, I now have very nicely shaped nails that might cause me to shape them on my own. It's also worth noting that I got a bottle of really nice black nail polish out of the deal. I had no idea that high end cosmetic companies made black polish! What a win. 

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