Monday, March 22, 2010

Latvian Love.

Today in my teenage angst, I was loved by some Latvians. More accurately, I was handed a Latvian flag and upon seeing me holding a piece of their national pride, they smiled and waved.
In continuing my mother's birthday celebration, my family went to the World's Curling Tournament in  Swift Current. I have not missed that place whatsoever.

Latvia was the host team for that round of games which essentially meant we honor them by playing their national anthem. In true Swift Current fashion, there were technical difficulties. Only the last two chord of the anthem played and we all stood awkwardly in silence . . . this would soon be fixed. Then started a new song . . . likely not of the Latvian persuasion as it was Lyndard Skynard's classic Sweet Home Alabama. Not exactly our shining moment. 

Live professional curling is much more fun than anyone would expect. We were fortunate enough to see a game between Canada and Switzerland. We had to fight but we took it handily.
This is Jennifer Jones, skip of team Canada.

This is a picture of Cathy-O, Team Canada's third. She's a bit of a hero for me . . . however newly acquired. So I spent the game stalking her. Kind of . . . anyway, because our seats were so great, I got nice and close. Up close and personal.

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Mich said...

haha oh swift current.

i totally fell in love with curling during the olympics - its such a great game!
(we're such classic old canadians)