Friday, October 15, 2010

A Blog Project!

I tried to combine those two words to make some sort of awesome word-combo but it just didn't work. 
So anyway. I read this blog (click here for link), and I really like it. She has a way of posting beautiful, common, funny and exciting (Harry Potter Movie Posters for the up-coming release of the first part of the last movie!) things. Plus! we have seventy-seven mutual friends on facebook. That's a biblical number so I find it significant. 
So anyway. She started this blog project that gives you 30 days of blog-posts that basically expose you, in your entirety, to your readers. I've seen a lot of these lists but I'm particularly drawn to this one as its topics are varied and its expectations attainable. 

So here we go. 

DAY 1 - A recent picture of yourself and 
15 interesting facts about you

1 - When I listen to musical soundtracks I block the scenes in my head and become the character singing the song.
2 - In relation to the above, my most recent dream role is Mrs. Lovett from Sweeney Todd but my actual dream role will always be Diana Goodman from Next to Normal.
3 - I will probably never have long hair again but I covet every head of long hair I see. 
4 - I am addicted to television.
5 - I hate, hate, hate too loud bass coming from cars. If you're not in a gang, it's not the right context.  
6 - I have a cat named Lucy who is also a boy. I had trouble identifying his sex when I found him. 
7 - I will go anywhere and do almost anything (short of it being illegal) for free food.
8 - Yesterday I sat through a Canada's Health Guide seminar in order to get a free lunch.
9 - My favorite authors are those of Teen Fiction. If you want some easy readings, send me an 
     e-mail and I'll give you a list. 
10 - I advocate feminism. 
11 - Yesterday I was highly offended by Cosmo Magazine in its purpose and aim. 
12 - I like doing the dishes. 
13 - Because I read every night right before bed, I have a hard time reading without falling asleep. 
14 - I am not sugar fiend. 
15 - Crispers are my favorite snack food and today I will buy them 2 for 1. What a day.  


Mich said...

#7 is why we're friends. and #12 has kept us friends. :)

suzy said...

what blog is this? the link doesn't work.

Hannah-Leanne said...

Fixed Suzy.
Mich. So true.

suzy said...

whyyy thank you.
how do you know her?