Saturday, October 16, 2010

Day Two - The meaning behind your blog name.

The meaning behind my blog name.
Well the blog started out as From an Over-Active Mind. That was when it was deep and philosophical. When I started this blog I had an over ruminating mind and thoughts needed to be written down or they wouldn't stop. 

Today in my teenage angst started when I was tired of being philosophical and just wanted to write about funny things that happen throughout my day. The name comes from the idea that our social and psychological angst is highest during adolescence. Though with age, we gain the maturity to deal with that angst in a healthy manner, it really never dissolves. Many of the fears and anxieties we held in high school, we will hold for the rest of our lives. 

Beginning every post with that phrase is just a cute little reminder of that reality. 
I hope this knowledge isn't turning anyone off . . . 

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