Monday, October 25, 2010

I missed a day - Day Ten & Eleven

It was bound to happen. I can't do things that are supposed to be done everyday, everyday. It's just not in my nature. It's not in my blood. 

SO! I'm going to do two at once. Cause I can. 

Day Ten - Songs you  listen to when you are happy, sad, bored, hyped and mad. 
I've never actually had to think about this before so I'm working pretty hard to figure it out amidst the Political Science lecturing going on around me. 

HAPPY- Mother, Mother; Arcade Fire; Band of Horses; Feist. 
SAD- Sufjan Stevens (so emotional it melds with my emotion most appropriately)
BORED - Broadway Musical Soundtracks (it's like watching a movie!)
HYPED - Glee covers. (Such a cliche. but I would like to note that I don't actually own any of it. I just listen to it on 
MAD - Dashboard. I am a legit Dashboard Confessional fan. I have every album and love absolutely every one. Because these albums span eight years of my adolescent and young adult development, they are largely nostalgic. In this way, their ethos is healing for my psyche when mad. Plus, Chris Carraba is largely the face of the Emo music genre (if you want to give it a whole genre) and that's an angry genre to begin with.

So there you go.

Day Eleven is another picture of you and your friends. 
That's what's at the top. I was leading our New Year's celebration in my TingTing's dance. That is my best friend and her husband. Their reactions to me here are pretty normal 

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