Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day Six - Your favorite superhero and why

I love this day. I love this day because I love superheroes. I'm not a committed fan to read the comics (I'm not overly fond of the artwork) but I do in fact love the movies. I love most of all the X-Men movies.

I assume you're all assuming I'm going to say that my favorite superhero is Wolverine. And it's true. He is my favorite. But not my absolute favorite. I just simply love Hugh Jackman and his musical theater background and his mutton-chops when he plays a character that has metal knives that pro and re-tract from his knuckles. I'd like to point out though that wolverines are very ugly animals. I don't think Hugh Jackman depicts that ugliness very well.  

My actual favorite superhero comes from a movie by M. Night Shamaylan. I have Charyssa Looy to thank for this. She started my love for M. Night. 
David Dunn, played by Bruce Willis, discovers through a series of events (all of which include the outrageously talented Samuel L. Jackson), that he is a superhero. If you have not seen this movie, please, please, please watch it as soon as possible. 

Not to mention his character is married to a woman played by Robin Wright Penn, who could also be considered a superhero as her filmography is small and yet includes brilliance such as The Princess Bride, Forest Gump and New York, I Love You. Way to go, Robin. 

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