Friday, October 22, 2010

Day Eight - Short term goals for the month

Boo on this topic. No one likes making goal lists. I remember the day my piano teacher made me make a goal list for the year. Short term and long term. I wasn't happy about it. My creative tendencies were supposed to be free of the constraints of goals and the guilt that comes with not following through on them. 

It's the exact same with resolutions. Making them only leads to the guilt of not following through. One time, my friend Jaci (recently engaged at that) made it her New Year's resolution to burn more candles. She followed through all right. 

Short-term goals for this month: 
- Read Harry Potter
- Go for coffee with Teri
- Clean the house regularly
- Case my next Economics exam 

These are stock and lame. But I like disappointment less than I like thinking ahead so I'm not making a better list. Sorry guys.
What are goals you think I should accomplish?

1 comment:

Mich said...

I like making goal lists :)

You should....

- collect leaves and mail them to someone
- crochet something!
- say hi to one new person every day for a week