Monday, October 18, 2010

Day Four - A habit you wish you didn't have.

So I decided to divide the term habit into intentional and unintentional. I don't know if this fits with the actual definition of a habit but it seems fitting in my case. 

Unintentionally, I trip over everything. We live in a small apartment with lots of corners and a lot of cords. I don't know why we have so many cords. But I cannot seem to be aware of myself enough to avoid these cords. I also cannot seem to be aware enough of the corners to not run into them. I have bruises on my torso from walking into corners. 

Intentionally, I have a habit of eating things off of the counter. Bits of cheese, cracker, bread. Who knows how long its been there? Who knows what else could have been on that counter? But I have no qualms. And you know what else, I have a rock hard immune system because of that fact and I am sure this habit could be a lot worse. 

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danny.elle. said...

ok. I am now a legitimate "follower" (what a creepy term) because you seem cool, and I feel guilt over following your combo-with-Suzy blog, and not your own, personal-real-deal-blog. so. here I am. guilted into being a "follower". creeeee-payyyy..... :)