Sunday, October 31, 2010

Day Eighteen - Dreams/Plans/Goals that you have.

Oh dear. This is a big one.

I have a lot of dreams and plans and goals. I always have. But since I graduated from High School five years ago my career plans have gone from High School English teacher to Middle School teacher to Youth Pastor to Children's Pastor to Child Counselor to Resource teacher to Child Psychologist. I'm here at University working on my Psy.D. A doctorate in psychology so I can do research and increase awareness in the sensitivities of child development and socialization in peer interaction. So that's the plan. Do I expect it to change? Yeah, a little. 

My dream is to live in the urban core of a large city center (Toronto, Halifax, New York, Chicago) in a crappy apartment building with my husband and children, be friends with homeless people and do work with the children in the area. My children's context therefore would be this. The vision of this I have tells me its the best thing in the world. In actuality, it might not work so well. Do I expect this to change? A little. 

So that's that. My goals are mixed in there. You can identify them for yourself. 

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