Saturday, November 27, 2010


I haven't had a lot of successful romantic relationships in my life. That's unfortunate for a couple of reasons. Most pertinently, I really want children. 
My sister's solution to this has always been to buy me something living. One time after a break-up/rejection she said to me "since you won't be having any exotic children, here are some exotic flowers!" 
She's also presented me with many plants to mother so as to curb my maternal itch. 

Two years ago, I found a different solution. My roommates and I got a cat. I babied this cat like nothing else. She died last January - I didn't consider this a good omen for my romantic relationship reality. I didn't have plans to get another cat when I moved to St. John's but Lucille was just waiting for me to rescue him, so I didn't really have a choice. The reality of this cat being a boy makes him harder to love than Duckie was but I really do think he's one of the better things to happen to me while in Newfoundland. It is Newfoundland after all. And besides, when he's sleepy he has to snuggle or he can't sleep. And that's just irresistable. 

I made this video of my cat being silly. It's long I know but it's also very funny. Really maybe only if you like cats. Maybe not at all if you don't. You know what, if you don't like cats, just don't watch it. It might make you stop following me. 
So anyway. Here he is in all his glory . . . and stupidity. 



Mich said...

oh my GOSH hannah. He's ADORABLE

Kayla said...

Kitten! Kittens are good for the soul.

Crystal said...

SO CUTE!!!! I want him :)