Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Today in my teenage angst, my dad went in for surgery. 

Now is the time to share with you, once again, that I watch a lot of TV. In my life, I've watched a lot of doctor/hospital shows. It started with ER - a classic and favorite until Carter and Lucy were stabbed and I was sent into a fear spiral for a full year. Then a few later I started in on House. What a captivating cast and dysfunctional place of employment. But that show follows a very clear formula that I got tired of. In the midst of House, I started watching Grey's Anatomy. This continues to be my favorite and something I never tire of. The characters are interesting and well developed - as are their relationships with each other. The story line is solid and always leaves you wanting more. It's also very light - in comparison to ER which was very dark and dank and continually depressing. Though it takes place in Seattle - one of the rainiest cities in America - the producers have created the set to have a lot of windows and the patient rooms to be well lit. I've seen almost every episode of Grey's at least twice. 

Beyond its intelligence in creative story-telling, it has also informed me very broadly in the area of surgery. I know things about cardio-thoracic surgery, orthopedic surgery, neurosurgery, plastic surgery, general surgery, emergent surgery and others. Because of this knowledge, seemingly every time I enter a hospital, I expect something like what happens on a Grey's episode to occur. 

Today in my teenage angst, as I wait for news of my father's surgery, I'm assuring myself that this is a simple general surgery that Miranda Bailey performs probably over ten times a day. The other reality is, however, that I have seen a lot of simple surgery's go terribly wrong. 

And so my angst cannot be stilled. I can, however, be assured that no intern is performing this surgery, nor have I been informed that any interns will be present in the operating room. So I can rest assured that the attending's know what they're doing because they wear the navy scrubs and have been through absolutely everything. 

Here's a pic from after the surgery. He wrote me a note. Cute. 

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