Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Day 11: Where you sleep.

I have zero aversion to sleeping in public. I have slept in coffee shops, the library; when I was in college I slept absolutely everywhere I could lay down in the academic building. I'm a tired person, so when I need to sleep, I need to sleep. One time I took a nap on this couch type thing they had in the women's washroom. I stuck my hands between my knees because it was so cold in the building. When I woke up the cold of my hands had transferred to the inside of my pants making me feel like I had wet myself. I felt so desperate and tired, I wandered around trying to find someone I knew who would hug me. I hope that's not a 'tmi' situation because I think it's a pretty funny story. It was a pretty funny incident for myself, not long after.
This is not the point. This is my bed and on it, the beautiful quilt my aunt made for me.

This is dial of my mattress heater. It's a literal fridge upstairs and my parents are really nice people. 2+2=the purchase of an electric mattress pad. It's like an electric blanket but it goes on your mattress like a slip-cover so your entire bed is equally warm. Except where you're laying is obviously warmer because of the transfer of body-heat combined with the heat created from the currents in the actual heater. Anyway . . . Happy Wednesday.

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