Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year.

Happy New Year! I'm kind of over New Years. I've had few. Haven't we all. But today in my teenage angst, I gave into blogger peer pressure and followed suit. Here are my highlights of 2011. 

1. I moved home. I'd left to go to University as far east as I could go without leaving the country. I'd never been away from home before and it was rough. When I went back for my second semester, it proved to be too much. I needed a break. So I moved home. Best decision ever.
2. I met these girls! Well actually I knew them before, but not nearly as well as I do now. Their mom has become a friend of mine and I have been lucky enough to spend bunches of time with them. This is at Maria's birthday party. She's on the left. She's four. She's hilarious. Emily is on the right. She's a little less hilarious. More serious and seriously awesome.
3. I dressed as Virginia Woolfe for Halloween. Nobody recognized me at the Library. I put together the outfit for three dollars and studied how to make my face look as sullen as possible. It ruled. As long as I work at the library I intend to go as a literary character who committed suicide. I have some fab things lined up for next year. I skipped out on work and spent Halloween night out with my dearest friend Shaina and watched Halloween. It was totally amazing. I didn't meet Jamie Lee Curtis until Forever Young. Then I backtracked to My Girl. And then I loved her in Freaky Friday. My history with her isn't as long as it could be. So to see her as a legitimate teen in such a beautifully executed piece as Halloween was magical. As were the other cast members. Just kidding. It was outrageous. But still the best.

4.  I saw my frist Cornerstone Christian School musical production. This is my dearest friend Danae all done up as Babette the feather duster. Clearly she's human again at this point. It was the funnest. ALSO! I have a fantastic review of that musical two months in the making. It was seriously so fun. 

This obviously isn't a comprehensive list of the best things of my year but its a pretty darn good start. But it's time to leave it behind. It was fun but there's so much more to come. I'll let you in on the things I'm looking forward to most tomorrow.

Until then.


Chess said...

I'm over New Year's too. Blahhhh. But your year sounded great! I loooove Beauty and the Beast. They did it my senior year of high school (I think) and it was marvelous!

Hannah-Leanne said...

Having seen it in the theatre at the age of four, it translates so well to the stage. It was seriously superb.