Sunday, January 1, 2012

Double whammy.

First! Christmas with Michelle.

Second. Lessons learned during a viewing of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.


Sarah-Rose said...

4 things about Ghost Protocol:
1. Jeremy Renner is about as short as TC but so so so much more of a dsh.
2. The scene on the Burj with the gloves? Made me SO ANXIOUS.
3. I love that they had Paula Patton take her heels off to run & change into boots from her ball outfit. I hate when lady action heroes have to pretend they can do it all in heels.
4. Simon Pegg will make me laugh no matter how cheesy his lines are.

I hadn't seen any of the other Mssion Impossible movies but I kind of adored this one. So ridiculous, so good.

Hannah-Leanne said...

Sarah! In respons to all the things you said.
1) I so know about Jeremy Renner. He's a serious dish. Also I'm certain his height was part of his casting. They can't have someone that hot overshadowing TC.
2) I loved the scene with the gloves. When he was trying to kick in the window! That's what makes a good action movie.
3) I also appreciate that she and the other girl, as well as TC decided against stunt doubles. That just makes them way more bad ass and hardcore.
4) Simon Pegg is the best. I love when he came in after the glove scene and was all like "phewph! that was not easy" and they're all like we just saved TC from falling a thousand feet to his death. Soo good.

If you loved this one you should probably watch the rest of them. MI2 was legit terrible but the first is soo classic. Like so. classic. And I heard 3 was pretty super too. And it was Michelle Monaghan's break out. So there you go.

Han said...

Me, my brother and our sidekick went to see GP on Wednesday morning - we loved it! Literally didn't stop talking about it all the way home!

I loved when Paula took her heels off - that's exactly what I'd do before sprinting down the corridor! Then again I'd have been in boots and then I'd take them off to reveal my odd mismatched socks!

Simon Pegg is still fab! Even though he gets to hang with Tom Cruise lol.

Han said...

Hannah-leanne - me and my brother laughed at that bit too!

(I heard somewhere that TC did that all himself and graffiti-ed at some point on the building just to prove he'd been there lol.