Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Today in my teenage angst, I wear an apologist shoes. An apologist is one who defends. The development of this defense, for whatever, is usually developed over years of study and experiential practise. It was told me the other day that a group of girls I barely know, refer to me as Hipster Hannah. Cute? No.

In thinking about this I composed a list of defense against myself as a hipster.

1) I am a musical theatre nerd.

2) Furthermore, my favorite movie is Easter Parade, not My Life Aquatic.

3) I do not write songs or poetry.

4) While I knit, I do not knit well.

5) I wear hats and scarves for the purpose of warmth and comfort.

6) I would not be satisfied with working at the library for the rest of my life i.e. I have really high career ambitions.

7) I wear skinny jeans because they de-emphasize how short I am.

8) I don't have a tattoo.

9) I'm not usually successful at thrifting.

10) I don't have a subscription to Adbusters, Newsweek, Mad Magazine or UTNE.

11) I do however, have a gym membership. And I use it.

12) I wear a large gold watch because it was my Grandfather's. Not because I sought it out.

I am not a hipster. Eww. Don't go there.


chrissy said...

annnnd the best thing i read today award goes to... #5! yes.


suzy said...

i have to be that person who says the opposite of what you're saying. i forget what that person is called.

1) while you are a musical theatre nerd, if we looked at your music collection at a whole, what would we find, hannah? what?

2) what even is easter parade? sounds obscure.

3) you DO have a blog, though. AND you vlog.

4) you knit, and that's enough.

5) you wear hats and scarves, though. and what about that scarf you were wearing in the house the other day? that really thin unwarm-looking one? was that for warmth?

6) yeah but you work at a library now.

7) you wear skinny jeans.

i could go on, but i need to pee.

suzy said...

also: the most convincing argument i can make for you being a hipster is that you vehemently deny being one. also: this:

Hannah-Leanne said...

Chrissy. For reals.
Suzy - in response
1) Not Belle & Sebastien I'll tell you that. Just kidding, I'm listening to that right now. And I didn't just buy the most recent Decemberists album.
2) Easter Parade is an old Fred Astaire Judy Garland Movie.
3) That is far removed from the point. Many regular people Blog and Vlog.
4) Hardly.
5) That was for comfort and warmth. It's a fridge in my room, recall.
6) Heavens. I spend more time with farmers and toddlers than anyone else.
7) Because they make me look taller!!!!
Whatevs. Jk. Love you.