Friday, January 27, 2012


Today in my teenage angst, in the interest of full disclosure, I belong to the majority of America that is medicated. I take this medication to make me more socially functional. Some days it doesn't work that well. Today is one of those days. I'd like to get over those days and be able to accept them as a part of my existence but I can't.

It's really windy today. Really. Windy. 45km/h winds. Wind makes me anxious. It makes me anxious because my hair goes out of control and then I feel out of control and then my face skin hurts and I'm rude to the old man who thinks I'm seventeen and wonders aloud to me why I'm not in school.

I want to love the wind. The wind is a special part of the prairies known in its depth and breadth only to those who experience it every single day. Whole bodies of literature have been written on the prairie winds alone. Today, I wasn't even close to loving that wind I am supposedly so accustomed to.

I hated it and it hated me. And now I'm here in my coffee shop talking to Shaina and thinking about how I still have to walk home and how I should probably do it in a round about way so as to not hurt anyone with my dagger eyes and hands of anxious fury.

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