Sunday, January 15, 2012


Today in my teenage angst, Rebecca Black is right. Friday is the best day.

Karlie and Suzy and I have not frequent enough get togethers every now and then and I hosted our post-Christmas Christmas get-together on Friday.
I set out my best loose-leaf teas. 

I put together a goody tray and a fruit one. 

Suzy and I exchanged kids picture books - our practise on birthdays and christmas for a year now. It's the absolute best. 
We talked about Karlie's baby in her belly. I learned that "baby don't like no carrots." Suzy had recently uttered those words to an unsuspecting waitress. Poor girl. 

Overall, it was a wonderful, casual and much needed time.

We all went away wishing it would happen more often. New Year's resolution??? Maybe.

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suzy said...

absolutely. like, you're 45 minutes away. it should happen at LEAST ONCE PER MONTH.