Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Day 7: Favorite.

I went through this phase where I said everything was my favorite. If somebody made a joke I thought was super funny, I said it was my favorite. If a character on a show was particularly appealing one week, he was my favorite. My father got pretty sick of it. Was it really my favorite? Aren't there divisions of favorite things to be taken into consideration when claiming something as favorite?

As children, we often judged people by their favorite things. What's your favorite color? Pink or purple; good. Blue or gold, good. Green or orange; bad. As a child I never understood people whose favorite color was orange. I still hate that color in most contexts. As the coat of a cat or on someone's head, however, that's a totally different thing.

So this question confuses me. What's my favorite what? I don't have a favorite of the moment and I'm no longer in the practise of claiming anything and everything as my 'favorite.' Here are instead a few of the things I have been steadily enjoying as of late.

This show is truly the best of reality TV. It's fashion designers under intense pressure to create awesome outfits in limited time out of who knows what. 

Even though these books are giving me anxiety like nothing ever before - and I have strong opinions on the themes that may or may not be thoroughly translate to readers - they are so well constructed, paced and written. You've obviously read them, but if you haven't, get on it. 

I've identified forest green as my favorite color and recently picked up a discounted bottle of forest green nail polish. It's so fab. 

So there you go. I suppose these are my favorites.

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